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utility framework
for developers.

Create engaging web3 experiences, exclusively for your token holders with just a few lines of code. Token gating, NFT rewards, etc. all integrated in your own or third-party application.

Backed by leading investors and execs from

    • Polygon
    • Spotify
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Building utility in web3 is broken

Depending on the use case developers are spending up to 6 weeks building utility for their tokens.

With Whal3s Timeline

Any utility in minutes with Whal3s

Leverage our easy-to-use SDKs, developer tools, integrations and dashboards.

Utility SDK

Streamline utility development

Whal3s Script for JavaScript SDKWhal3s Script for Curl

Designed for developers

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Whal3s Integrations

Endless utility through integrations

Whal3s Integrations
Utility Dashboard

Manage, analyze and collaborate with all stakeholders

Whal3s Dashboard

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Selected use cases

Utility & web3 experiences are big words - here is what we mean.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, join our discord server and ask the founders or community for help. You can also email our support team.

    • How do I get my API key?

      Head to app.whal3s.xyz and register for free. Select “get API key” and create a new one. Thats it!

    • I only know javascript, can I still build utility?

      Whal3s removes complexity of building rich web3 applications. If you know your way around javascript, you can focus on building a great frontend and let Whal3s take care of the backend.

    • Can I token-gate my website?

      Of course! This is by far the easiest utility to build with Whal3s. Head to the documentation and see how to integrate the NFT Validation API.

    • I want to create a burn-to-redeem utility what do I need to do?

      We love burn-to-redeem experiences! Head to our documentation and see the guide as well as code snippets to easily build this.

    • Is it compatible with ERC-1155 NFTs?

      Yes, token-gating can be done for all ERC-721 & -1155 tokens, however, claiming (invalidating without having to burn) can only be done with ERC-721 tokens. If you want to create a claiming experience for ERC-1155 tokens you have to utilize Whal3s’ burn-to-redeem mechanism.

    • I want to give out shopify voucher codes to token holders, is this possible with Whal3s?

      Yes! The best way to do that is to build the claiming or burning experience on your own website and then ask users to switch to your shopify store after they have received the voucher code.

    • What chains are you supporting?

      Ethereum and Polygon.