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token gating framework
for developers.

Integrate web3 technology into your website or app with just a few lines of code. Whal3s combines all necessary components to build token gated experiences incl. loyalty programs, NFT rewards, token gated commerce and content.

Backed by leading investors and execs from

    • Polygon
    • Spotify
    • Arweave
    • Meta
    • Protocol labs
    • Outlier ventures

3 simple ways to integrate NFT Technology into your website or app

Whal3s powers web3 projects across verticals. Discover our best-selling use cases for token gated commerce, content and NFT based memberships. Mint our demo token to access all demos.

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Token gated E-⁠Commerce Experiences

  • Discounts
  • Limited Product Drops
  • Free Merchandise
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Members only Content or Video

  • Video
  • PDF Documents
  • Notion Pages
  • Zoom Calls
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In Real Life Experiences and Parties

  • Free Beer on Event
  • Fast pass on Concert
  • Entrance at a conference
  • Voting
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Use NFT Conditional Logic for Next Gen Customer Experiences

Hold at least 2 Nike NFTs to access xyz
Free merchandise for legendary tokens
Define the maximum total number of claims
Invalidate token after 1 claim

Create, Manage and Analyze Web3 Experiences

All your web3 experiences in one dashboard.

Manage all utility

Understand within one dashboard what experiences are active

Track holder behavior

Know how your users are engaging with your NFTs across platforms

Don't worry about web3 tech

Marketeers configure the token gate, any developer implements

Whal3s App Redesign

Implement Whal3s UI Kit

Use the Whal3s UI Kit to and dont worry about frontend

Or customize your front end

You require your own frontend and only want to use the Whal3s infrastrcuture? We got you covered

Any token gate in minutes
with Whal3s

  • Dashboards
  • SDK
  • Integrations
  • UI components
Utility SDK

Ship more quickly with our easy-to-use SDK

import {useAccount} from "wagmi";
import {Whal3sModalProvider} from "@whal3s/react"
import {WagmiProvider} from "@whal3s/wagmiprovider";
import {Whal3sConnectKitButton} from "@whal3s/react-connectkit";
import {NftValidationUtility} from "@whal3s/whal3s.js";
const Utility = () => {
const account = useAccount();
const wagmiProvider = new WagmiProvider(account)
return (
isClaimed={utilityState.step >= NftValidationUtility.STEP_RESERVED}
export default Utility;

Check documentation

Whal3s Documentation

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Building utility in web3 is broken

We talked to many developers and everyone took more time than they thought. With Whal3s it's different. Here is why:

Without Whal3s

Drowning in Complexity: Up to 4 months of development

Without Whal3s, developers face the daunting task of building an entirely new backend, validating tokens, and ensuring seamless user authentication. These extensive steps not only mean a longer development time but also introduce potential glitches and complexities.

With Whal3s

Dive Deep, Hassle-Free: Only spent up to a few hours

Whal3s is the compass guiding developers through the web3 landscape. Integrate token-based experiences, manage token offerings, and implement a cohesive UI with ease. It's the toolkit that transforms web3 development from a challenge to a charm.


Save up to 25k of dev costs: For every single use case

Whal3s is more than a tool—it's a game-changer. The reduced development time means faster launches, while the comprehensive analytics and utility dashboard offer insights to refine your strategy.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, join our discord server and ask the founders or community for help. You can also email our support team.

    • Is it compatible with ERC-1155 NFTs?

      Yes, token-gating can be done for all ERC-721 & ERC-1155 tokens, however, claiming (invalidating without having to burn) can only be done with ERC-721 tokens.

    • What chains are you supporting?

      Ethereum and Polygon including their testnets.

    • Do I need a backend?

      Whal3s removes complexity of building rich web3 applications. If you know your way around JavaScript, you can focus on building a great frontend and let Whal3s take care of the backend.

    • How do I get my API key?

      Head to app.whal3s.xyz and register for free. Select “get API key” and create a new one. Thats it!

    • I want to give out shopify voucher codes to token holders, is this possible with Whal3s?

      Yes! There are two ways to do so:

      1. Use our Shopify App (for basic and growth partners)

      2. Build your own voucher code application with Whal3s with just a few lines of code

    • Can I token-gate my website?

      Of course! This is by far the easiest utility to build with Whal3s. Head to the documentation and see how to integrate the NFT Validation API.