that is truly personalized

Token gated video content enables creators and businesses to put the right content in front of the right eyes! Leverage NFTs to segment your audience and offer great entertainment that is highly personalized.

NFT to watch a video

Unlock exclusive video content using your NFT. From secret documentaries to early releases, if you have the token, you have the ticket.

NFT to access a video call

Gain entry to special virtual meet-ups, celebrity chats, or expert webinars. Your NFT is your VIP pass to unforgettable virtual experiences.

NFT to access a website or app

Step into premium digital realms. With your NFT, enjoy seamless access to premium features, hidden gems, or members-only sites.

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Whal3s powers web3 projects across verticals. Discover our best-selling use cases for token gated commerce, content and NFT based memberships. Mint our demo token to access all demos.

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