NFT IRL Experiences

made easy

Step into a new era of real-world interactions powered by NFTs and Web3 technology. Seamlessly merge the digital and physical realms to create unforgettable experiences. Whether it's attending events, accessing exclusive perks, or participating in polls, NFTs provide a bridge between the virtual and tangible, opening doors to limitless possibilities.

NFT to receive a free beer at an Event

Cheers to tokenization! Show your NFT at participating events and enjoy a complimentary drink for example.

NFT as a fastpass at a concert

Skip the line, feel the vibe faster. With your NFT, enter the arena like a rockstar and get closer to the action without the wait.

NFT as a ticket to a conference:

Your gateway to knowledge and networking. Present your NFT and step into arenas of innovation, discussion, and opportunity.

NFT to access voting

Voice your opinion with a tap. Utilize your NFT as a secure, seamless way to participate in exclusive polls and decision-making processes.

NFT as a stamp of attendance

Physical presence, digitally verified. With NFTs, register your attendance at events, courses, or meetings, creating a tamper-proof record for the future.

NFT collecting as loyalty mechanism

Turn token collection into tangible rewards. The more you gather, the higher you climb in loyalty tiers, unlocking perks at every step.

Receive a free beverage on your third visit to our events

Own at least 3 Whal3s Demo Tokens representative for each visit to one of our events and enjoy your free beverage!

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