E-commerce for Web3

Token gated commerce enables businesses to drive more sales and offer highly personalized shopping experiences. Get your online shop web3-ready by integrating Whal3s into your existing ecosystem.

NFT as a discount

Tailored products, offers, and rewards based on the NFTs you hold. With your NFT, unlock a world of dynamic pricing. Special discounts await those with unique tokens thus redefining your shopping experience

NFT as a key to an exclusive product

Turn your digital asset into an exclusive shopping key. Flash your NFT to access a curated selection of limited-edition items, crafted especially for our token holders.

NFT as a key to get a free product

Who said tokens aren't tangible? Redeem yours for real, free products on your next shopping spree.

NFT as a loyalty program

Think of your NFT as your loyalty card, only smarter. Keep shopping, keep earning, and let your NFT do the talking.

NFT to bridge physical and digital

In a blended world of atoms and bits, let your NFT be the bridge. Buy physical, redeem digital, or vice versa.

NFTs for Priority Access

Be the first in line, virtually. NFT holders can get priority access to sales, product launches, or even in-store events.

Live Demo

Whal3s powers web3 projects across verticals. Discover our best-selling use cases for token gated commerce, content and NFT based memberships. Mint our demo token to access all demos.

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